Three original song compositions that will motivate and call attention to aspiring creative artists who are dealing with depression in their attempt to retain mental stability as working artists.

Look Up is a music experience that tackles the subject of depression among aspiring creative artists through the presentation of three original song compositions, depicting emotional struggles induced by day to day unfulfillment, aspirational disappointments, and mental illness. The songs will remind artists to remain positive through their negative circumstances of life; to look up towards the shining sun beyond the grey clouds, and use their art as an emotional outlet.

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Look Up was inspired by my late friend, Lloyd, whom took his own life in early January 2019. Lloyd was an aspiring creative artist in Miami who struggled with depression in his attempt to become a full time artist. His suicide made a profound impact on my life. Because like many people who have dealt with suicide, I began questioning if I could have done more to prevent his death. With the large creative community in Miami, it is my responsibility to use my talents as a means to transform emotions and inspire creativity. 


This music project will bring awareness to the emotional strains of depression that often go unnoticed and overlooked. Like Llyod, many Miami artists are seeking mental and emotional outlets, and Look Up is the musical response to their call.Through streaming channels and live performances in Miami, Look Up will be easily accessible for the creative community. In partnerships with the Perez Art Museum and Nu Deco, Look Up will be recognized on a large scale in popular Miami scenes. It is time to acknowledge the pain of the suppressed aspiring creative artist and uplift their spirits with positive reassurance.

Activities To Undertake:

Develop, write, and produce three music compositions and instrument arrangements that will include guitar, piano, bass guitar, drums, orchestra, and vocals;

Host a free community depression awareness concert at the Perez Art Museum to showcase Look Up live with the accompaniment of Miami Nu Deco; 

Release three music visuals to coincide with the compositions of Look Up;

Document the creative process with extensive behind the scene photos and video footage of the early stages of Look Up, and track the impact it has on Miami’s creative community.

To Contact Frankie Midnight for further information-

Email: frankiemidnightmiami@gmail.com

Number: (786)262-8430